Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Giveaway!!!

It's Petal Pusher's First giveaway!!!

Who wants some flowers?!?!?

You must live in the Green Bay area and be able to stop in the store and pick up $25 worth of fresh flowers!!! Or want to send flowers to someone in Green Bay and be willing to pay the $8 delivery fee.

I'm just feeling oh so generous today so we'll forgo the delivery fee!!!

To enter the giveaway: Just comment below what your favorite flower is and why?

(In case you're wondering mine are: Gardenias (fragrance), Peonies(frangrance and fluffiness), Ranunculus (adorableness), Orhids (grace), and fragrant tulips (so cute and yummy smelling), and crocosmia ( who really knows why- I just adore it though!)

The winner will be selected Friday at noon. At which time I will figure out how to use the random number generator.

Extra points if you become a "Follower"

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  1. Count me in! I love daises...so simply pretty, roses because of the symbolism and also gerbera daises because of the colors!

  2. I don't live in the area now...but used to...and in fact...visited your store often! I have friends in Green Bay... and at least one of them, you know for sure.

    Anyway...can I play...please, please?

    I will send one of my local friends to pick up the flowers....so they can enjoy your magnificent artistry! Perhaps you will recognize her. :-)

    I LOVE all colors and varieties of 'Hydrangeas', adore the lively dancing 'Sweet Pea'...and the drama of the Calla Lilly. They all mysteriously bring me back to an era that is no more...except in my heart. :-)

    I wonder if that is an odd choice of favorites? You are the flower people..you would know!


  3. Favorites? Anything in season! From the first crocus that peek out among the patches of snow to the last autumn rose. But my all time favorite is Lily of the Valley for its delicate nature. Like the saying goes, "I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds around my neck."

  4. Favorite flowers are so hard, because for me it depends on the season. I really really love flowers that grow on branches. Magnolias are my favorite because they are so short lived, but such a sight to see!! :)

  5. I love ALL flowers....especially anything purple, lavender and all shades of blue. Thanks for doing so much to make the world more beautiful.

  6. Gerbera daisies because they're so cheerful and pansies.


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