Monday, June 1, 2009

Fabulous Distractions

I have a confession I am obsessed with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 scandal. I am ashamed, it's a problem. I was a fan since day one, everything amazed me. How could a couple with 8 children keep it together and be so real? I admired that Kate didn't hide her personality and be all peaches and cream for the cameras.
Thankfully while checking out at the grocery store yesterday boho magazine caught my eye instead of another tabloid. This magazine is beautiful, their moto is recycled, reused, restyled. The summer issue features some really beautiful weddings including a New York one featured in a loft flower shop! swoon!

When a friend from elementary school contacts you to let you know that she read a book she thinks you will love, you know it's going to be good. As was the case with Garden Spells. It's a beautiful book about two sisters, their little town, magic, gardens and a whole lot of culinary fun. It's pretty much all things I love rolled into one book! Thankfully the author Sarah Addison Allen has a new book Sugar Queen so when I finish this one I won't have to cry.
This book reminds me a lot of the movie Practical Magic which if you haven't seen it, do now. It's a fantastic movie, which I believe is also a book... maybe.
Anywho I was inspired by the character's Claire use of herbs and flowers in her catering business so I made a lavender and lemon infused french tart. I'll post the recipe soon! It was oh so yummy and made my dear sweet husband exclaim, "This is kind of like that fruit pizza you used to make."
Yeah kind 0f- only a ton more dishes and a sprained forearm from whisking ;)
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  1. OK...WE REALLY ARE KINDRED SPIRITS! BOHO is my favorite magazine...I love it. Sometimes I FEEL to old for it, but who cares? I love the clothes, the features, the models, the updates on new and green accessories...the how-tos--the whole thing. Plus, they practicaly beg you to recycle the magazine, so I love cutting it up and making wallets.

    I was not a big John and Kate watcher, but appreciated the show for the realness and now...since the scandal...I am all over it...I can't get enough! SHAME!


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