Monday, June 8, 2009

Botanical Garden Fair

This year was the Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair's 25th Anniversary!
Due to some neck and should pain last year we decided to forgo the oasis floral foam wreath hats and go for something a little lighter. Less is more- especially when you're working with orchids ;)
One of us had a hat that read 'Petal' and the other 'Pusher'
We were pretty cute. We would have been a whole lot cuter if we could have worn pretty garden dresses but alas we were in long underwear, hat, mittens and galoshes.

Green Bay had not been this cold since 1917 (High of 53). We were record breaking cold... and not just cold- rainy too, at one point a downpour... oh and did I mention the wind?

{This was THE herb people's booth- they were talked about last year like magical creatures, their truck broke down and they were unable to make it. This year they were back and I got to experience the magic! They have every herb imaginable and are the nicest people ever! We found out that purple basil is the best for eating raw and whole. Good to know.}

At this point you are probably thinking that the garden fair was a "wash" (pun intended). But it wasn't and you want to know why? Because garden people are awesome. You could really not find a better group of people. Everyone put on their rain and winter gear and marched on through. Sure, we didn't sell a lot of our lavender lemonade, but we had fun.
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