Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Giveaway!!!

It's Petal Pusher's First giveaway!!!

Who wants some flowers?!?!?

You must live in the Green Bay area and be able to stop in the store and pick up $25 worth of fresh flowers!!! Or want to send flowers to someone in Green Bay and be willing to pay the $8 delivery fee.

I'm just feeling oh so generous today so we'll forgo the delivery fee!!!

To enter the giveaway: Just comment below what your favorite flower is and why?

(In case you're wondering mine are: Gardenias (fragrance), Peonies(frangrance and fluffiness), Ranunculus (adorableness), Orhids (grace), and fragrant tulips (so cute and yummy smelling), and crocosmia ( who really knows why- I just adore it though!)

The winner will be selected Friday at noon. At which time I will figure out how to use the random number generator.

Extra points if you become a "Follower"

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rose and Willie!!!

Rose and Willie got married Saturday at Lambeau Field. Her color scheme was gorgeous, all greens and warm peach shades with succulents, cinnamon roses, scented geranium, fern curls, cymbidium orchids, and stock.

Click here to see additional photos by Aubrey.

Congrats Rose and Willie!

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Jayme and Preston

Jayme and Preston having been planning their special day for over two years and it showed! Her bouquet was abundant with roses, hydrangea, and peonies. This bouquet was very large but light as a feather. I kept making everyone hold it and they were all amazed!

Jayme had selected a color scheme of aqua blue and raspberry with accents of limey green. It came together beautifully- her attention to detail was evident in every element of her wedding.

Unfortunately, our camera wasn't working (due to forgetting to put the battery in! =) at the reception set-up so I didn't get any pictures but it was spectacular, you'll just have to trust me!

Jayme it was a pleasure getting to know you and your family. You looked amazing- absolutely breathtaking. I hope your day was everything you dreamed of.

Congratulations- we all wish you the best!
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Friday Wedding!

Orchids, Callas and Roses combine to make this sweet bouquet.

French twist ribbon is the final touch!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rose and Willie getting married!

Rose and Willie (click to see a pic of them and their adorable dogs) are getting married Saturday!!!

Our beloved Rose (yes, her name is Rose and she works in a flower shop) ;) is getting married this Saturday at Lambeau Field!!!

We will have tons of pictures up when we recover... along with our other bride Jayme's wedding as well! It's a very full week with two Friday weddings as well!

It's a hot one here in GB with record breaking temperatures nearing 100!!! But we have a large walk in cooler so we're fine! ;)

Enjoy the week-end everyone!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Everlasting Love

This arrangement was not for a wedding but rather an anniversary and not just any anniversary. Their 40th!

They are a very down to earth couple and only had white daisies in their wedding. Their kids ordered them an all white daisy bouquet with earthy and natural accents. There's 50 stems of daisies in there! Whoa!
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Door County Wedding

We had a gorgeous day to cruise up to Stone Harbor Resort in Door County. The bridesmaids carried bouquets of white calla lilies, hypericum berry and hosta leaf collars.

The bride's bouquet features green hydrangea, roses, hypericum, cymbidium orchids, callas, seeded eucalyptus and anthurium. I adored this bouquet. I seem to have a major crush on green lately.

Very zen centerpieces. A rectangle filled with river rock and two green cymbidiums perched atop.

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Pamperin Park Wedding

Friday we had a garden wedding at Pamperin Park for Karen and Eleazar. It was a beautiful wedding and for the most part the rain held off!

Karen's bouquet was white gerbera daisies, hypericum berry, orchids, daisies and hydrangea.

We did chair bouquets with stock, gerbera daisies, and bear grass and darling polka dot ribbon.

Congratulations! It was a pleasure getting to know you two!
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Current Obsession

Just in case you were wondering what I was up to with my free time I am driving myself crazy with becoming a bread baker!

I'm not talking with a bread machine or even the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Been there done that and I need something more!

I want real artisan bread like you would get at a french cafe. Seeing as I'm not going to France anytime soon I've taken it upon myself to bake my heart out.

I checked out an embarrassing amount of books at the library to find out which would be the perfect bread reference.

Many had me scratching my head, and getting turned away by way too much mathematics. But The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum is fantastic. I made the ciabatta yesterday and was beyond pleased!

So if you too want to go bonkers in pursuit of great bread, start here. Then make your own butter. All you have to do is throw some cream and a little bit of salt in a food processor. Let it go until it separates into buttermilk and butter. Voila!

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Wedding Bouquets!

Petal Pusher was on the road this past week-end with weddings in Green Bay at Green Bay Country Club, Appleton at St. Joes Parish, De Pere at the SC Grand and Door County at the beautiful Stone Harbor Resort.

Below is a bouquet of white hydrangea, stock and freesia. It smelled amazing!
Purple stock, anemones, and freesia make up this very purple bouquet.

A very springy bouquet of white hydrangea, stock, peonies, ranunculus and sweet pea.

The weather was gorgeous and all of our brides looked stunning! Congratulations to you all!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


{A fishbowl with tulips and wire circling}
This was a very fresh color combination of pink and orange tulips with aqua blue marbles and wire.
{Cylinder with submerged duo of tulips at Lambeau Field}

{Alter arrangements with yellows, white and greens at Old St. Joes}
{Stock, calla lily, and larkspur}

{The unity arrangement of tulips, calla lilies and daffodils}

Old St. Joes is one of those churches where you walk in and your jaw drops. It is stunning in everyway!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Botanical Garden Fair

This year was the Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair's 25th Anniversary!
Due to some neck and should pain last year we decided to forgo the oasis floral foam wreath hats and go for something a little lighter. Less is more- especially when you're working with orchids ;)
One of us had a hat that read 'Petal' and the other 'Pusher'
We were pretty cute. We would have been a whole lot cuter if we could have worn pretty garden dresses but alas we were in long underwear, hat, mittens and galoshes.

Green Bay had not been this cold since 1917 (High of 53). We were record breaking cold... and not just cold- rainy too, at one point a downpour... oh and did I mention the wind?

{This was THE herb people's booth- they were talked about last year like magical creatures, their truck broke down and they were unable to make it. This year they were back and I got to experience the magic! They have every herb imaginable and are the nicest people ever! We found out that purple basil is the best for eating raw and whole. Good to know.}

At this point you are probably thinking that the garden fair was a "wash" (pun intended). But it wasn't and you want to know why? Because garden people are awesome. You could really not find a better group of people. Everyone put on their rain and winter gear and marched on through. Sure, we didn't sell a lot of our lavender lemonade, but we had fun.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair

This week-end we will be at the Green Bay Botanical Garden Fair!

We had a blast last year and are looking forward to this year.

We will be featuring beautiful plants, gourmet foods, our fabulous lavender lemonade, hummingbird feeders, and recycled glass wind chimes among many other goodies.

Friday: Members Only
Saturday: 9-5
Sunday 9-4

Green Bay Botanical Garden

If you were there last year you saw our fabulous floral hats- along with our aching necks and shoulders. We're sacrificing ourselves again and will be donning some floral attire.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

There wasn't any football going on at Lambeau Field Sunday but there was a wedding!

The centerpieces were dutch blue hydrangea with white tulips.
The brides bouquet featured dutch blue hydrangea, white tulips, and baby blue crystal studded stephanotis. The bridesmaids bouquet was just hydrangea.

Our first chuppah! It's hard to see but there's springari and hydrangea accenting the sheer white fabric.
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Gerbera Wedding!

A perfect day for a wedding at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.
The girls all sparkled in vibrant blue dresses and carried colorful gerbera daisy bouquets.

The brides bouquet with orange, yellow, pink and white gerbera daisies jazzed up with bear grass loops.

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Graduation Party

Among the weddings and funerals this last week we had a graduation party as well. The theme colors were hot pink and lime green.

{Centerpieces with bulb on tulips, lily grass, and floating gerberas and spider mums}

{ Centerpieces with peonies, larkspur, lilies, and bulb on tulips }

Happy Graduation!!!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fabulous Distractions

I have a confession I am obsessed with the Jon and Kate Plus 8 scandal. I am ashamed, it's a problem. I was a fan since day one, everything amazed me. How could a couple with 8 children keep it together and be so real? I admired that Kate didn't hide her personality and be all peaches and cream for the cameras.
Thankfully while checking out at the grocery store yesterday boho magazine caught my eye instead of another tabloid. This magazine is beautiful, their moto is recycled, reused, restyled. The summer issue features some really beautiful weddings including a New York one featured in a loft flower shop! swoon!

When a friend from elementary school contacts you to let you know that she read a book she thinks you will love, you know it's going to be good. As was the case with Garden Spells. It's a beautiful book about two sisters, their little town, magic, gardens and a whole lot of culinary fun. It's pretty much all things I love rolled into one book! Thankfully the author Sarah Addison Allen has a new book Sugar Queen so when I finish this one I won't have to cry.
This book reminds me a lot of the movie Practical Magic which if you haven't seen it, do now. It's a fantastic movie, which I believe is also a book... maybe.
Anywho I was inspired by the character's Claire use of herbs and flowers in her catering business so I made a lavender and lemon infused french tart. I'll post the recipe soon! It was oh so yummy and made my dear sweet husband exclaim, "This is kind of like that fruit pizza you used to make."
Yeah kind 0f- only a ton more dishes and a sprained forearm from whisking ;)
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