Saturday, May 23, 2009


Good morning!

I was sorting through the mail this morning when a very large envelope caught my eye. It was the Crane and Co. 2009 Spring Supplement catalog - only they write TWO THOUSAND AND NINE like all good stationers would. I must confess that a stationery catalog would not blow most girls skirts up but it does mine.

I come from a long line of printers, my grandfather printed the covers for National Geographic in Chicago and my parents own a printing shop in northern Wisconsin. The smell of paper and ink remind me of home. There was never a shortage of amazing papers in our house, my dad would often cut the scrap down into little cubes that he would bind and print my initials and own "logo" on so that I could doodle to my hearts content.

All my teachers received paper cubes with their name and a cute little apple graphic. So back to the catalog in the corner of the envelope it came in it read:

Put down the blackberry. Sign off twitter.
Return to the classics. Savor the personal touch. Reconnect on cotton paper.
It's time to take time.

I thought to myself when was the last time I wrote a letter? I can't remember, nor can I remember the last time I received a letter.

I don't think I've ever written a letter to my own husband yet I have a rubbermaid tote filled with letters between my Grandparents from the dating years through to marriage, adopting children, war...

I cherish those letters, they make me realize that my Grandparents were once young people too!

This holiday week-end I'm going to take some time to get out the good paper and pens and write real letters to those I've lost touch with. I will however be on Facebook, blogging and checking twitter too! ;) baby steps...
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  1. I sent out three thank you cards this week - could have emailed my thanks to all, but this seemed more fitting. And special. Which their thoughtfulness deserved.

    In this age of instant gratification, and instant communication, we all need the reminder to slow down and take the time.

    PS I'm a paper and stationary whore! I hoard the stuff, buy paper on vacations, keep special cards just for me to admire, never to mail...!


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