Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Arrangements

{Flowering branches, fuji mums, roses, wax flower, iris, larkspur}

First off excuse the less than stellar photography here... it was early and I was running on an empty tummy. I don't usually speak before 10 a.m. so taking pictures at 7:30 was a stretch. How's that for whining?
{Lilies and hydrangea}

{Flowering branches, hydrangea, tulips, fuji mums}

There were so many beautiful arrangements that went out the last couple of days. Mother's are the most amazing people on Earth and every day should really be Mother's Day.
I hope all the moms out there had a great day.

And to my mom... I love you. You rock my world and are a constant source of strength and inspiration. You have encouraged my every whim since the beginning of "why not customize all of our CD's with finger paints at the ripe age of 7" or "sure you can mix mashed bananas, vanilla and saltines with chocolate syrup and I'll eat it and tell you how good it is- but you should freeze it first so it stay's together"

As I recall I didn't even eat my banana concoction...

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  1. Jill Nettleton-KusekMay 11, 2009 at 11:26 PM

    My dearest Angela, My children have always encouraged me to reach for the unobtainable and grow, no matter my age. You are my inspiration! Since the day you were born, I knew that you would always take the road less traveled because you wanted to see the reason why the road was built. You don't live in a box - you live where the air is fresh and free. You don't see weeds - you see nature at work - you don't see burned cookies - they are just a bit crunchier then others. You are unique and refreshing! I love you!! Mom


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