Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beware of Blue Watering Cans!

So, most of the time my life at Petal Pusher is pretty low-key. I eat, sleep, snuggle, greet customers if I'm in the mood. You get the idea. Well, the morning of Mother's Day was a bit traumatic for me.
I prefer my drinking water fresh. Very fresh. I like it cold and straight from the tap-nothing room temperature waiting in a bowl. I also enjoy drinking from unique containers, such as the pretty vases that the ladies here use to put flowers in. On Sunday morning, Nichole was in bright and early to finish some flowers for Mother's Day orders. Perhaps the early hour impaired my judgement, because I decided I would sample the water in the blue watering can she had just filled and left out on the counter. Nichole came in from loading the van as I was mid-drink. When I tried to lift my head so she wouldn't catch me-I got stuck! (My whiskers are supposed to advise me on what I should and shouldn't put my head in-they failed me this time! Lousy whiskers!) I lifted my head-with the watering can still on it and the water went everywhere! Most of it on me! Now I know as a Turkish Van I am supposed to like water-but not when my head is stuck in a bucket of it! I started flailing around trying to get unstuck, water flying everywhere! I finally got free and high-tailed it out of there, leaving Nichole to clean up the mess. As you can see from the photo below-I had to clean up myself!

I apologize for the tongue sticking out-I was mid-groom and ticked at Nichole for trying to take my picture at such a vulnerable and embarassing moment!
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