Saturday, April 25, 2009


These tulips are striking to say the least, they appeared in the cooler yesterday and I immediately fell in deep mad love with them.

How could you not?

I mean really?

They are begging to come home with you and at $3 a stem they're a steal!
Stop in and get yourself some (if I don't keep them all for myself)

Happy Week-end!
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  1. Ha! I took home French tulips today, myself! And some tulips with variegated foliage. Now I'm going to have to blog my tulips too!!

  2. these!!!! Gorgeous, I will have to stop over and nab some for myself!!!

  3. Totally! We had the variegated foliage ones in potted bulbs for Easter- one of our regulars bought one and came in yesterday to let us know that even his cat respected those sexy tulips! ;) He said the cat would just stare at them mesmerized!

    Aubs- how do you like the background?


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