Saturday, April 18, 2009

Succulents 2

Now we're at the reception of the amazing succulent wedding. It was at Heritage Hill State Park, this just happens to be where I got married as well- I'm just a little partial to this place.
This was the sign in table, the guest book was filled with personal tid-bits, photos, notes of their dating years. This was such a personal and intimate wedding filled with all sorts of amazing details.

They had an awesome display of family photos.

These are the hi-top centerpieces, potted succulents with feathers.

I didn't get a picture but they had beautiful hand stitched programs, in which they listed all of the wedding party with a little story about each person, the Bride's brother, a lawyer and actively involved with an African orphanage is single and has a profile on Now this is something I would like to know, if I had been a single gal attending this wedding as he was mighty handsome ;)

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