Saturday, April 18, 2009


Swoon... I love succulents, have a said that before? I dug this one out of the archives, it's a succulent bouquet we made last summer for a super cool wedding. There's also flowering kale, seedum, freesia and fern curls in here too.

This was the brides, it had the addition of feathers and amazing cymbidium orchids.

I would be perfectly content making these for the rest of my life, sure it's a lot of wiring and taping but in the end it's all worth it. These bouquets weighed a ton, literally, but the coolest part of these is that you can take it apart after your wedding and plant it. We did a sample succulent bouquet for a wedding show and I took it home, deconstructed it and now have two awesome thriving terrariums. It's the bouquet that keeps on giving...

The little clip on earring nestled in the succulent was the brides great grandmothers that she wore for her wedding day...just kidding. It was actaully just an employees grandma's stray earring that was begging to be incorporated into the bouquet. ;)

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  1. Gorgeous!

    Made a bouquet with mostly seashells once - that also weighed a ton! Do you think there's a bridal bouquet workout somewhere - lol!

  2. Was it noisy too?
    There should be a bridal bouquet work-out, I rested my own on my hip during the ceremony, I think the girls here were the only ones who picked up on it ;)


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