Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Day 2

Tulips and ranunculus in a vase with green gel.

An adorable idea Rose saw on Martha Stewart and Better Homes and Garden. We used organic brown eggs, tulips, ranunculus, and daisies in a terracotta dish.

A close up of the super cute egg with a little crack in it...awww

Peony flowering tulips, stock and alstromeria... this arrangement is welcoming a new baby girl!

A bountiful mix of peony flowering tulips and scabiosa seed pods.

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  1. Love the egg with the tulip! Too bad I don't eat eggs and Husband can only have the fake ones...

  2. Thanks! Once we got going, they were pretty addictive, next year we're going to try to get some pretty egg cups and do little singletons.
    I don't like eggs either, unless they are in a baked good ;)


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