Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Betsy needs a home!

Hi! My name is Betsy and I'm an adorable kitty in need of a home!
I apologize for my blurry picture-but I'd really rather be snuggled and pet than have my picture taken! I was found by Nichole on March 19th on Thornberry Creek Drive when she was out on a floral delivery. I was pretty skinny and had some burs in my tail and Nichole thinks I am a pretty young cat. But I was happy to see a nice person and very friendly (and very hungry too!) She scooped me up and took me to the Bay Area Humane Society where they have been very nice to me and even gave me wet food (yum!) Nichole said she would keep me herself but she was already at max capacity and maybe I had a person missing me and looking for me. But nobody has come in to claim me. So here I am, looking for a forever home! I'm very affectionate and freindly. I am also very brave and I think I'm pretty adaptable-I wasn't even that frightened to be picked up by a stranger and take a car ride to BAHS. Please come and meet me or share my story with somebody else who might like a snuggly little friend like me!
(You can even change my name to if you want-that is just what Nichole picked when she brought me in!)
A Quick Betsy Update from this Afternoon...Betsy is going home tonight with the most wonderful kitty foster mom from BAHS as she wasn't drinking much water (although she still has her appetite!) With lots of love and a little medicine, hopefully she'll make a quick recovery and will be back and up for adoption again soon! Send warm kitty wishes her way!

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  1. Good news from "foster mom"! ((blush, not the best ever, maybe the craziest ever!))

    Although Betsy is still VERY underweight (maybe she should have been named for a supermodel?)she has a great appetite and is drinking water fine. She got a nice bath and is now smelling lovely (I'm guessing she came from a smoking home before - unless you are puffin'it big time on those deliveries, Nichole?). She tested negative for FIV and Felv so that is very good to rule out considering her boney frame. I'm guessing she is just a sweet, gentle lover kitty who found herself outside and unable to fend for herself. Eat a mouse? She'd rather snuggle with one! She is very people oriented and I do believe exceptionally gentle (it's not just the weakened state!)

    She's got a ways to go but ... I've fattened up a couple cats in my time! I'd like to let he settle in for a couple days and observe ... I'm a little nervous about her liver function & may see if we can get her in to Dr Pat for a look-see-feel ... I'll keep you posted. Oh and, get some pics soon!

    Betsy says "THANKS ANGEL LADY!"

  2. From fosterMa

    Betsey pooped today! Yes ... that is very exciting. "All systems go, captain!"

    She's eating a high-calorie supplement and dining to her heart's content on both wet and dry food. I'll weigh her tomorrow and see if we've made any progress.

    Betsy has the most unusual voice! Very deep and, different - a bit like a Bengal. Looking at her, she most likely does have a few surprises in her family tree. She is predominantly a short-hair, the double coated thick, soft-as-bunny kind ... but on her back there's this ridge of suddenly thinner, longer hair that is even a different color and pattern. Unusual! Her frame seems large for a girl too ... or maybe it just seems that way right now because you can see so much of her frame. I can't imagine Nichole, how long and terrible death by starvation would have been for this poor girl had you not had the awareness and the heart to stop and pick her up. In all the days she was out there, how many people saw her and just kept going? Betsy says "thanks for the delivery!"


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