Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Bunny

Insert Awwwwwww here.... so cute! This baby bunny is gracing our garden. I had to do everything in my power to not scoop him up and nuzzle the heck out of him! This is the only ok picture I got of him because once he spotted me he burrowed into some dry grasses, I don't blame him I look like a red headed freakish amazon woman to him. His ears are literaly the size of my pinkie. I love him.

Tomorrow kicks off wedding season!!! Dum da da dum, da dum di dum.... We have three very different weddings to start tomorrow and then it's full speed ahead until October and then Christmas and then Valentine's Day and then... wedding season! ;-) If this bunny is hanging around tomorrow I might not be so productive, unless I can manage to make bouquets in the garden- hmmm.

I wish you all a wonderful Thursday and will be back soon with the first of the wedding season's pictures!
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1 comment:

  1. awww is right!!! I am glad that I got a peek at him/her, he/she was quite adorable.


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