Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Billboard bags are coming! If you're local you've probably seen them around at the Farmer's Market both the Saturday one and the Wednesday one on Broadway.
Essentially Andrea, of A Design Studio creates bags from billboards that were destined for the trash. They are both visually intriguing and totally green!
Andrea is very committed to finding new uses for old things and it certainly shows in her work.

Little Orange Kitchen has also supplied us with checkbook covers and the most amazing handmade envelopes. I am a lover of snail mail through and through. When I first moved away from home, my sister sent me notes almost everyday, nothing elaborate just a simple note to say I'm thinking of you. I can't think of any better way to elevate a little note than with a gorgeous and colorful envelope from Little Orange Kitchen.

We're gearing up for Spring! Come visit the shop where you can sip chilled lavender lemonade while browsing the shop. We're jumping at the bit to get outside and dig in the dirt! We can't wait to have our front garden teaming with native plants and flowers. There will definitely be more on that and pictures to as we get started! Bookmark and Share

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