Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scabiosa is cute too!

So it's tough to follow-up a new puppy blog, but I've got some "cute" flowers that will be headed our way for Easter! The one I am most excited about is scabiosa stellata. An unusual time of year for us to see them-they are usually available in fall. It is actually a seed head, but how adorable! And they dry beautifully-although they are fragile!

Scabiosa Stellata

And anemones, which in my opinion are close cousins of ranunculus (and you know how we love those!) Another one of those delicate whimsical spring flowers. They close at night or in the cold and open to light or warmth. Because they are always closed in the cooler, few people realize how charming they are!
Anemone coronaria

And last, but certainly not least...the first peonies of the year! No further description needed here! Paeonia lactiflora "Sarah Bernardt"
Oh-and we'll have peony flowered tulips too (tulips that look like peonies with lots of ruffly petals-what could be better?) Happy Spring!

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  1. I love my tulips and daffodils, thanks for your help with my springtime fix!

  2. CUTE!!!! Can't wait to see those adorable little Scabiosa stellatas!!!


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