Thursday, March 19, 2009

A sad day...

It was a sad day... our pet snail Mr. Pokey died. We don't know much about Pokey, but we know that he was very easy going, a vegetarian and a bit of a hermit. This is my dear husband, Bubba giving Pokey a proper burial in our front garden. Mr. Pokey, you will be missed.

This is not an arrangement from Pokey's funeral...

This is one of our arrangements that went out earlier this week. Just a cheery mix of Gerbera daisies, spider mums, alstromeria, waxflower and kiwi vine. What's your favorite type of arrangement:

a) all one flower
b) compact and mounded
c) whimsy and unique
d) traditional
e) something else? do share

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  1. I'm sorry about Mr.Pokey. You have a beautiful blog and have given me some inspiration for mine - thank you! I'll be stopping into your store soon, hopefully tonight for some spring Tulips.

  2. WTF!!! I didn't know he died! WTF! :(

  3. Apparently you'll have to read the blog to keep up with your neighbors.


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