Monday, March 23, 2009

Just a few more...

I'm pretty proud of this photo, this was all accomplished with Picasa's soft focus feature. It's all the bouquets eagerly lined up in Lemondrop Studio's window.

Because it's really dreary, gloomy, doomy, depressing, nap worthy weather here today, I thought we could indulge with a few more pictures!

This bouquet demonstrates one of the trends we've been seeing lately which is white and green. It's very clean and fresh. What we have here is a mix of green fuji mums, wax flowers, white button mums and green hypericum berry.

If only you could smell this through your monitor! Hyacinth assure us that spring really will come.

Sweet little daisies studded with pearl pins.

If that didn't lift your spirits I recommend getting some more vitamin D and eating walnuts, a natural source of selenium =)

Till next time buzzers!

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  1. I LOVE that first picture!!! Shnazy wazy!!!! xoxoxoxo!!

  2. I can see a green and white is fresh looking. I've always loved Lily Of The Valley because of that combo...but I'm not into calla lilies, they've just never appealed to me.

  3. Thanks Aubrey!

    Laura- I too love Lily of the Valley, it so delicate.


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