Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good Morning!

My first blog entry! At 3 am! Yes-I'm a morning person, but I wonder when being a morning person crosses into not being a sleeping person? Early morning is when I find my quiet time and I usually find I get more done before many get up! So you'll see my posts at the odd hours...

This morning I am browsing through the availability of a new Dutch wholesaler. It is the classic "kid in a candy store" scenario! So many beautiful things! And complicated by spring fever-we are now seeing peonies and lilacs available (tulips and daffodils are already old news for me-sad, huh?) I want to order it all! Especially these boxes of beautiful cymbidium orchids that are at a really great price (though they are still expensive)! That is one of my favorite things about wedding season-opening those boxes of perfectly packaged orchids. It is the floral shop equivalent of a box of chocolates! This wholesaler also lists all of the varietal names (which I love in a dorky plant sort of way!) Who wouldn't love a cymbidium orchid named Mrs. Britney Brown?

In Joplin (shop kitty) news, a big development! We recently splurged and purchased a "furminator." Should have done that months ago! Wow-what a difference! Much less shedding-which is hugely important to me as he is a white kitty that loves to snuggle and I love to wear black!

And lastly, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of those wonderful local artists that are kind enough to share their wares in our store! I always thought it would be "cool" to sell locally produced stuff in our store but didn't really know how feasible it would be. Where would we find these people? What would the "stuff" be? But you ladies make such amazing things and are so wonderfully easy to work with. And Ang does such a good job of tracking you down! So thank you-your "stuff" is the stuff our customers talk about and come back for!

Time for more coffee!

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