Thursday, February 19, 2009

We have arrived!

Drum roll please............ The Petal Pusher Buzz Blog has arrived!!!! woot woot!
Welcome, grab a drink and a cozy chair because you're in store for a magic carpet ride through flowers, plants, snails and kitty cat tails! It's the wonderful world of Petal Pusher.
Here at the Push we are so lucky to be surrounded by the most beautiful things everyday and we also just happen to attract the most amazing people, our customers are without a doubt some of the most amazing individuals the Earth has to offer! So here we are ready to open up and share our world with you.
In lightning speed I'm going to catch you up on all that's transpired here lately:

Numero Uno: We moved, we love it! We're still located on the corner of McCormick and Webster, you still park in the back and come up the stairs only now you turn to the left and there we are! If you do happen to get confused and go to the right you will happen upon the fabulous "Lemondrop Studio" a shared studio for photographers Pam ( and Aubrey ( We adore these super talented ladies and couldn't be happier to be their neighbors!

2: We have a shop kitty!!! Little background here, we're a very small staff but when you combine our pets we have, respectively, 4 cats, 5 dogs, and any stray mammal that may find it's way to one of our homes! To say we love pets is an understatement... so it is with welcome arms that we have welcomed Joplin Japhet to the Petal Pusher family. He is a Turkish Van, and appearantly that breed likes to swim, we have yet to test this theory....

3: We have a pet snail-Mr. Pokey!!! Although not a mammal he is pretty darn cute. He came to us from Florida via a plant we ordered and he is here to stay- although he is pretty boring, he is also fascinating. He eats spinach, bananas, eggshells and sprouts, he also needs a cuddle bone- like you give a bird, it helps keep his shell strong.

4: It's tulip time! Who doesn't love tulips? We get shipments of gorgeous tulips from now until late spring, they come in a variety of colors and sell for $10 a bunch. They bring a little bit of pizzaz to a rather dreary time of year.

5: We have also expanded our local goods focus to include 100% soy candles that are made here in Green Bay, every scent is spectacular and clean burning, they retail at $12. We continue to carry locally made jewelry and the products from Little Orange Kitchen Studio ( as well.

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