Friday, January 18, 2013

PMI Wedding Show Part 2!

Here is the best of the rest!  PMI Wedding Show Part 2!  (And it's been delivered in less than 6 months!)

Miniature succulents (which we love as they are more dainty and light-weight than their larger cousins!  And weight should definitely be a consideration for a bridal bouquet that you'll be carrying for hours!)  Here they are paired with ivory hydrangea, waxflower and pearls!  This was one of our faves as well!

Complimenting corsage and bout!

A woodsy feel-green roses, dusty miller, red huckleberry (which is actually a green foliage-go figure?!) and lichen-covered branches.

A coordinating centerpiece of fresh moss, succulents and lichen branches.  We are really loving the moss as of late-with emerald being the pantone of the year, we think it may be very on trend in the next few years.  

Another centerpiece - for those who might want something more traditional!  Black baccara roses, lavender lisianthus, euryngium (blue thistle), astrantia, and scented geranium.  Love this rich jewel-toned color scheme!

Picasso callas (one of my favorite callas) with guinea hen feathers (one of my favorite feathers) and dusty miller (one of my favorite bouquet foliages.)

A perennial favorite-a cymbidium orchid pomander for bridesmaids or flower girls.  We love cymbids for this look as they are so elegant and so durable!  And sometimes flower girls require something durable!  Sometimes bridesmaids do too, for that matter!  :)

Woodland sweetness! Pink ranunculus paired with fern curls, silver brunnia, seeded euc and a deconstructed grapevine orb.

Complete with a birch bark wrap.

And a matching bout for him!

And just a glimpse of one section of our booth!  I wish I'd taken more overall photos, but this gives you a peek at what it looks like all put together!

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

PMI Wedding Show 2013 Part 1

Hello All!  (Yes, it's been a while!)  We've wrapped up beautifully successful 2012 wedding and holiday seasons, and are now looking forward to what 2013 has to offer.  What better way to ponder the possibilities than by making everything our hearts' desire for the PMI Wedding Show this past weekend?  We can't think of a better way to ring in the New Year.  


 Lavender roses and ivory spray roses accented with crocheted flowers, rhinestones and pearls.  This concept would be perfect for a bride who wanted to incorporate details from her mother's or grandmother's dress.  (Many brides love the sentiment of wearing their mother's dress, but also love the idea of choosing a gown of their own!)  A bit of lace or a few embroidered flowers from their mother's dress could be worked among the blossoms of the bride's bouquet to capture the sentiment.    

Billy balls and dusty miller.  Sunny, simple, fresh, perfect.

 His bout to match!

Green cymbidium orchids, Circus roses (love those!), orange pincushion protea, loops of curly willow and a few more billy balls!

Barely peach gerbera daisies, ivory hydrangea, leucodendron for some unexpected texture, and dusty miller.

My personal fave...the fuzzy texture of protea paired with cymbidium orchids and collared with fluffs of ostrich plume.  I was thrilled to see how much love this one got!  I was a little worried it was a bit "out there" - shows how much I know!  :)

 Another fave.  Cotton!  Natural, and still on the boll.  We think this is destined to be one of the next "big things."  Paired with lisianthus, astrantia and seeded eucalyptus.


Cotton boll boutonniere.  I mean, how could this not be the next big thing?  :)

 Succulents.  Yes, we still have much love for succulents.  Especially when they are petite little sweethearts like these accented with pearls, hydrangea, waxflower and button mums!

An under-appreciated rose in our books, this is Hocus Pocus, paired with cymbidium orchids, scented geranium and these ingenious little fans Barbi made from scrapbook papers.  A great texture with the softness of the roses.  

One of Barbi's favorites to finish...white hydrangea accented with her own personal collection of vintage brooches.  Again, a wonderful way to incorporate something special from mom or grandma, or have some of the special women in your life bring a vintage brooch to your bridal shower as part of your gift.  Add them into your bouquet and they'll be with you as you walk down the aisle.  

Stay tuned for Part 2!  There were too many good things to fit them all into one post!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Oldie, but a Goodie!

So, it's time for me to start playing catch up on some of the beautiful weddings that have already happened this season! This one goes all the way back to May, but it's worth looking back a bit for!

The bridal bouquet of lilacs, anemones, roses, celosia, peonies, ranunculus and sweet peas. Oooooh, my. The colors and textures of this wedding were just jaw-dropping. Barbi gets all the credit for this one! People don't often think of the rich jewel tones of amethyst and ruby for spring, but paired with lavender and brighter pinks, they totally work!

Another shot of the bridal bouquet! I just can't help myself!

The flower girl's pomander of miniature red and pink roses! Darling.

One of the ceremony arrangements. Stone look urns overflowing with lilacs and roses.

We also created florals for the arch to denote the end of the aisle and create a beautiful gardeny backdrop for the ceremony.

Hello, anemones!

The florals from the arch were then transferred on to the front of the head table, which worked perfectly. It's always wonderful to get a double use out of arrangements so they can be enjoyed all day.

And lastly, our newest container for guest cards...this vintage look bird cage topped with fresh flowers, of course! Perfect for a spring garden wedding!
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Thursday, June 28, 2012


One of our favorite customers recently hosted a Parisian themed bridal shower, and while we were e-mailing and planning, she casually mentioned that maybe a fresh floral poodle would be a fun centerpiece... And that was all we needed! We were off and running!

Barbi, our master floral sculptress, took on the task and constructed a base of Oasis and PVC pipe legs (and lots of glue and dowels!)

Frenchie, naked.

20 football mums, 100 carnations, 5 hydrangeas, lots of cushion and button mums and 2 googley eyes later, we had ourselves a Frenchie, fully dressed and fluffy!

We posed her with our very own Joplin Japhet-whom promptly stole the show on our facebook page. We made a 3' tall dog completely out of fresh flowers and Joplin just sits. 7 comments on this photo on our facebook page, and 4 are about the cat. 
What a scene stealer. :)

After Barbi made her, I got the pleasure of being her chauffer.

Frenchie riding shotgun. (The back of the van was packed full of a wedding heading to Washington Island-but that's a future post.)

Driving around with a fresh flower dog is a great way to start a day! The looks you get are priceless. I really think we should always have some sort of fresh floral animal to ride around with. A poodle riding shotgun one week, an owl perched on the dash the next...

Frenchie residing in her place of honor for the shower. The reaction from the ladies at the shower was priceless too. When Dawn asked for a fresh floral poodle, I'm not sure that she was expecting life size!

Aarf! Aarf!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Locally Grown Blog Series: The Best of the Rest!

And here is everything else that was just too good to pass up!  

A bed of velvety soft and fragrant scented geranium.  Ooooh, to curl up and nap in there...

Beautiful blue tweedia!  One of the few truly blue flowers out there.
A bed of delphinium just getting growing and not yet flowering..  Except for this lone little guy who was just so excited he couldn't help himself!
With colors like that, I guess I can see why...
Sweet, Sweet William.

Beautiful baptisia.  This foliage is also a wonderful fresh cut green!

Allium, and more allium.  This photo just can't capture how statuesque these are.
Blue skies and their new sunflower barn quilt.
Oooh, did I forget to mention that they have ponds with waterfowl and wildlife?  Given a cup of coffee, an open schedule and a good book, I would have stayed all day...
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Locally Grown Blog Series: The Cats!

I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the resident cats that cal Windswept Acres home.  The moment I pulled in I was greeted by all of them!  And things went downhill from there rather quickly...

"Oooooh.  We have a visitor!  I'm sure she comes bearing gifts for us."
"Hi there.  My name's Yoda.  MaryLee's favorite (as designated by the colorful stripe on my head, as we do sort of all look alike.)  What have you brought for us, lady?"

"What's that?  Nothing?  You've brought us nothing?"

"Displeased.  Very displeased." 

In unison:  "Yes, we're all very displeased."
 I'm pretty sure that I was lucky to leave without having my tires slashed by some angry felines. Next time, I"ll have to make sure to line my pockets with Pounce and Whisker Lickens. 

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